Traditional Conservatory Design


Unless you have a really modern home a traditional conservatory design will probably suit your property more easily than a contemporary one. You can choose from a wide range of architectural styles particularly from the Georgian and Victorian periods when conservatories became popular for the first time.

Conservatory designers at the time were breaking new ground with the use of new building materials, including wrought iron and as technology progressed, larger panes of glass. But often the conservatory would be a cold and damp place to be in the winter unless the owner was prepared to spend huge sums of money to heat it. What’s more, after a century or more of weathering and frequent lack of maintenance, very few original traditional conservatories survive from this period.

Fortunately, conservatory designers today can use materials that will allow a traditional conservatory design to be used year-round. Double and triple glazing, improve the insulation of the conservatory and under-floor heating enables the conservatory to be kept warm at low-cost even on the coldest winter days.

The use of modern paints and self-cleaning glass, mean that conservatory maintenance is not the chore that it used to be and other materials used in construction should allow a newly built conservatory in a traditional design to last as long as the property it is attached too.

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