Orangery Conservatory Design


Although an Orangery is a distinctive design of its own, many people describe their conservatory as a Orangery Conservatory as a simple way of explaining that they have a conservatory with a flat roof. It’s the flat roof that is the distinctive feature of an orangery design whether it is from the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian period.

The flat roof in an orangery is usually pierced by one or more roof lanterns that allow light into the centre of the orangery and also provide ventilation. This is particularly important if you are building a Kitchen Orangery, as you may need to ensure adequate ventilation to allow for cooking, washing and laundry all of which can cause condensation within the orangery. For these reasons Kitchen Orangeries are very popular today and are being added to many types of properties.

Another reason for the popularity of the orangery design is the extra privacy they allow the occupants that can’t always be managed easily in a conventional conservatory. This is important if the orangery is overlooked by neighbours or from a nearby pathway or road.

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