Modern Conservatory Design


If you live in a modern home many of the traditional conservatory designs may be unsuitable for your property, especially if it is Art-Deco influenced or Post Modern. If this is the case you will be looking for a modern conservatory design that takes more than a passing nod at the home that it will be attached to. Alternatively, you may have a traditional home and wish to have a distinctive modern conservatory design to complement it rather than match it.

In both cases you will probably be looking for large areas of glass, minimal structural supports, frames and decorative flourishes. In their own way these can pose problems to the conservatory designer. For example if you have huge expanses of glazing, it can be difficult to ensure that the conservatory can be adequately ventilated. There are also problems invisibly joining large panes of glass together and making the joint waterproof.

Providing shading can also be a problem, particularly in south-facing conservatories. Heat reflective glass can provide some protection, but this may not be sufficient on the hottest of summer days.

Some compromises may be necessary in the design of a modern conservatory to make it a practical as well as attractive place to spend time in. Once again you should talk to one of our conservatory designers who has the experience to manage the problems and give you a design you can live with.

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