Interior Conservatory Design


A conservatory will provide you with a light and airy space in which you can work, play or relax and ideally the interior design of the conservatory should be as uncluttered as possible. Of course, when you have glass walls to two or three sides of the conservatory it is difficult to clutter the space with shelves, pictures and lighting fixtures, so the job of keeping an open airy space is half done for you!

However, other details need to be pay attention to other details. For example, if you have a Victorian Conservatory, you may wish to use Encaustic Tiles or Geometric Tiles for the flooring. The Victorians would also have used Pinoleum Blinds for the shading and as these provide a dappled light to the conservatory interior, they can be an attractive feature even in more modern conservatory designs.

Most people will prefer a wood or plain tiled floor in a light colour and the interior paint should be in light shades as well. Furnishings with strong colours will fade in the sunlight and should be avoided and valuable items and heirlooms are best left elsewhere in the home. Traditionally Ratten furniture would be used in a conservatory and the open weave in this adds to overall feeling of space and lightness. Lloyd Loom furniture provides a similar effect.

Overhead lighting can be provided in units that also include fans and if you use these, it will halve the amount of unsightly cabling required to power independent lights and fans.

Finally, you should also choose window and door furniture in keeping with the period of your home or conservatory, while at the same time specifying items that will also give you good security. A conservatory provides a big window into your home for people up to no good and you need good security protection against this and also think about what you should or should not have on open display.

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