Georgian Conservatory Design


Until the Georgian Period conservatories were rarely seen outside of botanical gardens and the homes of the richest people with an interest in horticulture and even in Georgian times, conservatories were rarely built. When they were, they would be built of stone and brick and the glazing would be in small panes as this was all that glassmakers of the time could produce.

When people ask for a Georgian conservatory design today, they are usually specifying a Georgian Style Conservatory and this will reflect many of the architectural details found in a Georgian property. For example, the conservatory will be based on the Double Cube proportions and symmetry used in Georgian architecture. Ionic columns will be used, perhaps at the corners of the conservatory and on either side of the doors. These will usually be made from square sectioned timber, fluted to give the impression of the original Ionic columns.

A Georgian conservatory will also include a gable in the design, above the doors, and this can be embellished with a pattern such as a sunburst or a cartwheel.

The glazing in the sides of the conservatory will be symmetrical, using small panes of glass, usually made up of six panes, three across and four down.

Very often, a modern Georgian conservatory will be built on a dwarf wall, harking back to original Georgian conservatories that used brick and stone and where the use of glass was limited.

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