Edwardian Conservatory Design


Following the long reign of Queen Victoria the Edwardian era was a comparatively brief period lasting from the turn of the twentieth century in 1901 until the death of Edward VII in 1910, although some architects classify the style of architecture as lasting beyond Edward’s reign and through to the end of the Great War in 1918.

If you are considering an Edwardian Conservatory Design you are usually looking at an evolution of the Victorian and Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau styles, usually with greater simplicity and the use of lighter paintwork. Although buildings were designed in what is know as the Edwardian Baroque style, so far our research has not identified any conservatories built in this way.

If you have an Edwardian home, you will be familiar with the style of the period, which includes simple brickwork, plain exteriors and gables. All or some of these features can be incorporated into a Edwardian conservatory design to complement your home and lifestyle. You should discuss your requirements with a conservatory designer who should be familiar with Edwardian architecture and the elements that should be used in the design.

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