Every conservatory should be unique, reflecting the taste of its owner and the imagination of the owner and the conservatory designer. Sometimes the conservatory design will be restricted by planning permission issues if you live in a Conservation Area or a Listed Property.

The conservatory design may also be affected by the direction it will face. In a nutshell, a South Facing Conservatory will need more ventilation and shading to make it habitable in the summer, while a North Facing Conservatory will need more insulation and better heating, so that it can be used throughout the winter. You can find out more about this at Conservatory Positioning.

Perfecting a conservatory design can take time, but the investment will repay itself in the dividend you will enjoy with family and friends at leisure or entertaining for many years to come.

The changing designs illustrated here represent some of the recent conservatories we have designed. Contact us now for conservatory design advice.

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